Ella was diagnosed with Syringomyelia and taught me more in her short life about how to live life to the fullest, love with all your heart, and learn from each other.

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The moment I first held Ella, my world changed. She has touched so many people giving love as a therapy dog but now it is time to give back. No matter how hard she tries to give, her eyes show sadness and pain.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Days Again! Meet my new Munchkin Elton!

I don’t know why it has taking me so long to post the news but I have been wanting to make his introduction “paw”fect, but I just gave up because he has been wanting to make his debut! \

Elton lost his family and needed a home and someone to love him. I had Ella and needed to have someone to love. It was a match made in Heaven! Elton’s family had to move overseas due to being in the military. What a sad thing for him to come from a loving home and for his parents to have to give him to another home because he could not come with them  I hope that I can make him happy even though I am sure he misses the family he once had. However, from the way we bonded so fast and his constant smiles, I think he is okay!

Elton entered ACKCSC Rescue Trust and was staying with a friend of mine Sharon who was fostering him. She posted pictures on Facebook but I don’t know if something told me to e-mail her and ask about him, but I did. She told me he was very social which is a must for any Cavalier I would want because going to the Dog Bar and dog pawties are some of my favorite things. I am getting excited just thinking of planning a pawty or going on a dog social outing.

Elton is a very small package with tons of energy! He only weighs 11 lbs! This is smaller than the standard but it matches his frame so he is not underweight. He is definitely keeping me on my toes! He jumps from the chair to the coffee table down the hall and it is amazing to watch!

Last night, I was eating something but wasn’t quite done so I put it on top of my computer desk. I left the room and was told he had climbed from the sofa and was trying to get the food on top of the desk!!! I think he might be a good candidate to try agility.

His previous owners told Sharon that he loved going on walks. That is perfect since I live in an apartment without a yard so we have taken many walks around the neighborhood. Since he came from a military family, I was told that they said “last call!” right before bed and he would run to the door to do any last minute “business”.

I can’t quite understand but he loves to get completely under the covers at night. I am just so thankful to have a snuggle buddy. I feel like Elton brought energy back into my life. We are learning things together and might try our hand at rally or obedience classes. There are many things we can do together and this is looking like the start of a beautiful journey.

More about Rescue, pictures and adventures to come