Ella was diagnosed with Syringomyelia and taught me more in her short life about how to live life to the fullest, love with all your heart, and learn from each other.

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The moment I first held Ella, my world changed. She has touched so many people giving love as a therapy dog but now it is time to give back. No matter how hard she tries to give, her eyes show sadness and pain.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Decision and the People who Helped Me. Thank You!!!

First I would like to say that no one can tell you what the right decision is. But I would bet that anyone that has found out their dog has Syringomylia will tell you deciding what the best treatment would be is extremely hard. I would imagine if anyone reads this is probably searching for answers. I can not tell you how much time I spent on the Internet reading searching for stories, information, success rates, you name it and I probably read it. On a side note I can not tell you how great Sandy Smith who wrote For the Love of Ollie was to write me and have Ella in her thoughts. I will put some other website up as favorite links for information about Syringomylia but what was even more helpful was the support from her and the CKCS-SM Yahoo Group. I think anyone who goes through this knows how hard it is and I just hope that I will be able to return this to someone else. I can not thank them enough.

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