Ella was diagnosed with Syringomyelia and taught me more in her short life about how to live life to the fullest, love with all your heart, and learn from each other.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

If you love Cavaliers, then know who the people are that are really helping our breed

People go to the Internet to get information about breeds, buying a puppy, health issues etc. but the valuable information from people that are the most knowledgeable are often not recognized.  If you do a search for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, several websites appear.  Which ones are created by people who know the most about this breed? Well I know I am no expert, but I have spent a lot of time finding out about what people are doing for Cavaliers and the real issues they are facing.  People make money from online sites, advertisements, product information, etc. but what about the ones that are spending their time doing research. They have websites they spend countless hours giving information from studies, experts, and not to make money but for the love of the breed.

I have talked to responsible breeders who have told me their side of the story that are rarely recognized for their efforts.  They are grouped with all other breeders.  I can do a post about that but to keep politics out, I would like for you to think about who is giving the information.  Anyone can put information on the Internet and I feel sad for how many people do not know what the efforts are being done and the scary truth about the future of our breed.

I am going to write the press to tell the things I learned. It is not just about Syringomyelia, it is about knowing that we should depend on these selfless people that love our dogs.  I look at all of the things that I bought Ella to make her look good, feel good, be stylish and that was so much fun. Most people don't want to learn about the important issues.

The police have k-9 units that have been breed from selective lines that have qualities that are useful. It is a science I do not understand but one that is needed.  Are those breeders the same as others?

How does that relate to our Cavaliers. Well, people are trying to find dogs and lines to breed so that the chances of passing on Syringomyelia is less.  Each generation it seems is becoming worse. A lot of dogs do not show symptoms but can pass this on.  There are research studies, websites, and health information that talks about these things.

This is quoted from Ruperts Fund.

"Because SM is a progressive condition -- meaning it tends to develop slowly over time and may not be apparent when affected dogs are younger -- finding older cavaliers with little or no SM is especially valuable to determine how it is inherited and help breeders identify promising lines. But time is running out. With every new generation of dogs, lines are further mixed. Some old, probably healthier lines have disappeared already. The chance diminishes of finding the fully clear dogs that could provide a genetic rescue plan."

Please look at these websites from people active in keeping this breed around and healthy.


If anything please ask spread the word and help those that deserve praise for what they have contributed

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