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Monday, September 6, 2010

Good News- Thanks to many cavalier lovers all over the world Rupert's Fund

Karlin Lillington gave me permission to pass on this email and share some good news. I have mentioned Rupert's Fund before because I feel it is extremely important and what good it is doing for our beloved breed.  If you love Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, don't you want to know what is going on and what people are doing to help the future of our breed? Although I know they would love donations but I also think it is important to understand more. This is a critical condition and it is important for the future of the breed. I think of Ella all the time, I also am contacted and read stories of others.  I read about the health problems but I also read about what good people are doing to help.  Let me share Karlin's e-mail and what has Rupert's Fund has already done and is a promising start. I don't want more dogs to go through what Ella has. It has been noted that each generation it is worse. 

"Thanks to many cavalier lovers all over the world, Rupert's Fund -- a fund to cover the costs of scanning older cavaliers for a critical phases of the syringomyelia genome research -- has just passed the $10,000 milestone today (in just 6 months, due to a fantastic and generous response). Thanks to several recent donations from individuals and groups who fund raised over the summer, the Fund's total now stands at £6,771, or $10,428 -- enough to cover the MRIs of over 34 cavaliers in the UK.

These scans are a key element in the final work of the genome project, to pinpoint in detail the areas of the cavalier genome that account for the development of SM. Results so far suggest that there is not only a gene for SM, but also a genetic area that protects against it developing in some cavaliers, offering real hope for breeders to work towards reducing the incidence of SM in the breed.

For further information on the project, on making a donation of any size, or on contacting researchers about a dog that might be a scan candidate -- please see www.rupertsfund.com.

The goal now for Rupert's Fund supporters is to reach £10,000!

Karlin Lillington"

Good job to those people spreading the word, donating, and helping our beloved breed.  Also note that SM is not just Cavalier.

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