Ella was diagnosed with Syringomyelia and taught me more in her short life about how to live life to the fullest, love with all your heart, and learn from each other.

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The moment I first held Ella, my world changed. She has touched so many people giving love as a therapy dog but now it is time to give back. No matter how hard she tries to give, her eyes show sadness and pain.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Results- How much worse without support & the future

I have had several people prayer for a good report from Ella's MRI and I know that I did not want the results that she had.  It was worse than before and I am going to meet with her neurologist on Tuesday to look at our options.  Options that I would not have been possible without meeting (online) Jana Rade and telling her about Ella through some weeks, I would not be able to know this and be able to have a plan to fight it.  She took interest in Ella and kept asking her how she was doing. I know I was seeing signs and I did not want to face the truth because an MRI would cost money and then if the results were bad, I would just feel helpless.  She did not want to accept this. Going through Ella's first MRI and Surgery, I was searching for anything I can do to give her the best I can.  So Jana spread her story and it kept going.  This blog even talks about it http://www.dancingdogblog.com/2010/08/be-the-change-for-pets-4-ez-ways-to-take-action/

Jana said knowledge is key and you can't be in denial.  She pushed me and thank goodness because I really need that time. 

I am thankful to the people who helped Ella but also thankful that her face told the story.  A story about a lot more issues than just her.  She is an extremely special dog and I know there are so many others but I want to say that it was hard for me to get and pay for her MRI and treatment.  I am a pet owner but if we can help the others that are trying to help it not continue, then there will be many others that will benefit.

This post from Kim Cline really tells a story also and what she said about blame and what we do going forward is inspiring http://thisonewildlife.com/dog-health/breeding-dogs-vs-inbreeding/

"By the way, I have to thank Jana Rade from Dawg Business for introducing me to this film. Interestingly, Jana wrote a post back in January about our ability (or lack thereof) to detect a dog’s pain and how much they stoically hide.


I came across it while writing this post and realized how much our dogs chronically bear before giving us a sign. It makes me hurt for those who suffer in silence from faulty bone structure due to breeding for extremes. Again, how could we know without being educated on why animals hide their pain?

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what we may have known on some subconscious level – although I think you’re right because it’s less than shocking when all the pieces click. What matters is that we certainly know in this moment. When we know, we are held accountable – without excuse. What matters next is what we do with that knowledge"

I can not tell you how special the people are that have given others help and care that is so important.  So how do I pass this on?  What am I going to do with this knowledge? I started this to tell her story and really wanted to help others going through this.  I have met some wonderful people and learned a lot of information. 

So I will not give up hope.  I do not want Ella's story to make other people who also have dogs with Syringomyelia to get discouraged. I have said many times, each dog is different and I would not change any decision I made.  I will be there for others as much as I can. 

Most importantly, I want to pass on and help support the people who are doing things to help this and other breeds so that less people will have to go through this. 

It is a matter of knowledge.

  • The knowledge of what is being done.
  • Knowledge to potential pet owners at how important to make sure breeders are doing what they should for the health of the dogs.
  • Knowledge that there are many people that are really concerned about these things.
  • Knowledge that there are people that are selfless and have so much love for others and give. 
  • Knowledge that what can we do to make sure less dogs are in pain.
I have heard a lot of people say things and if Ella's story makes someone realize that there is more and there are good people, breeders, scientists, and we should acknowledge them. 

So I will continue to post and thank you for all the positive thoughts, words of encouragement, prayers, and so much more that have helped me beyond words.


LB said...

So sorry to hear about the bad news from her MRI. Thinking of you two.

Kim Clune said...

Oh, I'm so sorry, Annie. We've had a string of bad news here as well - although people - not animal -related.

I hope you and Ella find the support you need to pull through. This community is pretty amazing. You can alway lean on us.

PS: Thanks for including parts of my post here and spreading the word.